Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Birth of Gimp Girl

When the als started in my left foot, I was quickly referred to as the gimp. All was Okay as I embraced my new nickname. It wasn’t until November twelfth of that the new jovial name endured a whole new meaning. That was the day a doctor I had just met confirmed what I had thought over many restless nights, I had the ALS. Now when I say "the als" don't pronounce it A L S , but as one word als. Like the name Al, but with a zzz at the end. Now knowing that I am going to die in the near future from this crappy disease, there are many things I want people ask me regarding my eminent death, things I myself would be curious to ask someone with the ALS. I think people are either too shy or don't want to hear about the ailments of dying. I have wanted to journal my experience, but did not want to waste the time doing so until l was pretty confined to my computer, and that time is here. I thought what better way to share my thoughts, but with the abyss of the world wide web. My mom told me to write letters or make videos to help my loved ones with the grieving process, but I don't want to associate my death with sadness and misery. So here is my blog documenting all the information I feel is pertinent for people to know about me. Every day of my life is an adventure as I am rapidly becoming more and more disabled. And at the same time freed of responsibility.


  1. stay tough. fight hard.
    May the near future be a hundred years away.
    Love you girl-

  2. You might end up like me, invincible! May never happen gimpgirl, old ALs is unpredictable. Just saying...

  3. GG,
    All good wishes to you! We have been through this, and though H is not here to talk with you now, I bet you will have a lot to talk about later. Much later I hope.
    Your wry humor is the antidote to any creeping fear or sadness. Keep it up.

  4. I think you and Sarah share the same spirit Megan! Invincible...I like that!

  5. Welcome to the elite club known as the ALS. A fellow "young" PALS (we're a lot older than you) told me about your blog, and I look forward to reading more about your self-soiling etc. The idea of wheelchair streaking appeals to me, but after more than a dozen years of the ALS, the sight of my naked body would likely incite a mass panic. Mass vomiting at the very least.

  6. 您好!我来自中国,父亲刚诊断出患有ALS