Monday, August 9, 2010

ALS Chops for Everyone

Like a new mommy cuts her hair short the same goes for a lady PALS. I call it the ALS chop. Why? Well like a new mommy who can't fix her hair because of kids, a lady PALS just can't fix her hair. Her arms are infected with the ALS . Prior to the ALS chop my beloved Jason would feed me my delicious supper of Top Ramen, it took him six months to perfect my recipe. I know you are saying to yourself it is only ramen, but it tastes so much better my way. Back to supper, with every fork full of delicious noodles I got a few hairs as a garnish. My long locks were always in my face . When it was grooming time I hated how my hair was styled and would throw what I called a diva fit. I quickly learned to give up mirrors because I would cry out of vanity every time I looked at myself . I hated not looking put together. If you knew me as a five-year old with hair down to my great Mishork butt (yes it is still great just ask Jason he wipes it on a daily basis ), I hated having my hair brushed. Twenty years later I cringe when my mom comes at me, brush in hand. When your head is always against a pillow or a wheelchair head rest your hair mats up like Amy Winhouse making it impossible to brush. So to avoid anymore suffering February 15, 2010 the ALS chop was performed. I am so lucky to have re-united (and it feels so good ) with my junior high BFF Megan. Oops sorry it is now Maygin. She visits me every month for a weekend of beauty. She cuts and colors the ALS chop. She also does my nails. Because I don't use my hands my nails are long and beautiful. The one time i let my mom cut them she nicked my skin and I could not pull away or yell at her. When it came time for Megan, I mean Maygin to manicure me i was so nervous it took two zantacs and a shot of morphine before I could let her cut. It is now August and I have not seen her since June thanks thanks to pneumonia so I am sporting talons. Maygin I need you or else my mom's going to come after me. I love my junior high bff. Even though we have not spoken in such a long time it was like " yesterday " when she visited me. The best part is she reads my lips better than anyone so I can have a conversation with someone. I had not had that luxury in a longtime. My brother was getting pissed because he thought we were gossiping about him. When I still had my voice Megan, SORRY Maygin was one of the last people to hear it.